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Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

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Though I haven't exactly read any of the other answers for this, I have to say, I'm siding with those that want "Common Sense" to be taught in High School. Then again, I rather that be taught in elementary school but if you really want to make it into something more than just 1+1=2 and actually teach teens about how much we take Common Sense for granted, then sure, make it a High School class.

Make it required, make it needed for a High School Diploma. I mean, everyone thinks we have common sense and maybe that's true for the individual. As a collective whole? I don't really see it being used that often.

Common Sense is a bit of a misnomer don't you think? I'm not finding it all to be that common and maybe it's because I live in a US society where the Me is the center of the world and we all believe ourselves to be "right", to be "better". It's an elitist type of thinking but can you honestly deny that you haven't at least thought yourself like that at some point in your life? That you don't know anyone else who hasn't thought that way?

We're all focused on what we want to do that we're blinded to what is actually in front of us. Common Sense is knowledge that is supposed to be widespread and well, common. By being Me-centric, self-centric or even just plain arrogant, we end up going against what is commonly known for our own private reasons (whether that be peer pressure, a need for conformity, a need to not conform, etc).

Well that's my two cents on this and maybe I went a bit off-topic and I apologize for that.

My bottom line for this question? Make Common Sense required in our High Schools (even if it's just in the United States). Make teens read the pamphlet by Thomas Paine if you want. But generally, if Common Sense is taught to Teens, then maybe all those other issues like Hate, Tolerance and other Social controversies can be put to rest at too.

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