chaos_anomaly: (Fanart Dissidia ♞ Squall; Evil's Throne)
C. Anomaly ([personal profile] chaos_anomaly) wrote2010-10-28 06:57 pm

A small drabble.

Disclaimer: I do not own FF8 or it's characters.
Word Count: 170
Warning: Death.

The blood wouldn't stop, couldn't stop. Refused to stop. No matter how hard she pressed, it was futile. Tears streaked down her face, staining her cheeks with wet dripping mascara. Her lip quivered, her body shook. As she stared down at him, at her lover--her protector, her guardian; her knight--he gazed back with resignation.

He smiled, wide and bright, just as he died. It wasn't the first time she seen him like that but it would be the last. It was an honest smile, not the smirks or half-smiles he tended to favor. Not even the slight twitches of his lips or the chuckles that sometimes escaped his throat. This time, he smiled at her, full of love and affection.

The words had died on his lips but she knew what he would say, what he was going to. The reason why, why he took that blow, why he threw himself in front of her was because of one simple fact.

He was her Knight, and she was his Sorceress.

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