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FICTION | A Past I Cannot Forgive; POKEMON; Gen; PG

Title: A Past I Cannot Forgive
Author/Artist: Cyr Anomaly, [ profile] chaos_anomaly
Fandom: Pokemon
Characters: Sir Aaron, OC
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of previous OC death
Word count: 791
Summary: This story gives us a look into the man who would later become the Hero of Cameron Palace; the stories untold and the past we do not know. This is a Vignette of Aaron, before the Legends.
Notes: Unbeta'd. So I got prompted on Plurk, this is what I came out with. It's Angsty and Emo and possibly not what my requester wanted. But hey, I kind of like this one better than my initial idea. Also, there is Sir Aaron/OC stuff here so... yeah. Hope you enjoy?

“You. Leave. And never return.”

Aaron kept his eyes on the ground. He should look up and stare his accuser in his eye but the guilt was too much. He did not mean for this to happen. He did not think that it would come to this.

The brim of his hat shadowed his face. Rain soaked him to the bone, chilled the blood in his veins to ice. He could use his Aura to warm himself but the idea of using his abilities for personal gain, after everything—he couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t do it. He had done too much and too little. No amount of apologies or groveling could repair the damage he had done. He had done enough. There was nothing he could do, even if he wanted to do something. He knew his place and his place was to leave.

He should have never come here in the first place.

Tightening his jaw, Aaron turned on heel and took a step toward the forest. He should have left days before, weeks. Instead, he stayed and for what reason?

Aaron scoffed, shaking his head. Whatever reasons he had, he was unwanted. Unneeded. Some Aura Guardian he was. He shouldn’t have stayed. He should have left while he had the chance but instead, he found himself lingering by the edge of the forest, watching a humble maiden with love-filled eyes. He was a fool. He always was and what had happened, just only days before, cemented that fact.

The Event struck him in the center of his heart, digging deeper until he could feel his heart’s blood in his mouth. He was a travesty. A fool and an idiot. He was supposed to be an Aura Guardian but he proved himself to be nothing. Only a boy with a big mouth and a reputation he did not deserve to have.

He gripped the edge of his hat, pulled it further down his face. He almost made it to the forests, to the road out of town when he heard his name being called. He paused, every fiber of his being frozen in the cold harsh rain. He almost turned but he forced himself to stay in place. He should leave, he should go. But he stayed where he was.


Cherise. Aaron withheld a sigh before slowly turning around. The girl—no, the maid—stood before him, her shoulders quivering. She was soaked. Wet. Drenched and cold. Aaron didn’t think; he took off his cloak and wrapped it around her shoulders. It wouldn’t do much for the cold but it would help her keep dry.

“Please. Stay. I don’t. That is, I do not think--,” he placed a finger on her mouth. Aaron smiled: an empty and fake twist of mouth. The first of many.

“I have to go. I… I cannot stay. Not here. Not anymore.” Each word he spoke was a blade in his body, more salt on the still-bleeding wound in his heart. “I don’t deserve to stay. Not after… Not after everything I have done. To you. To your father. To your—“

“I don’t care about that!” Her hands gripped his shirt tightly, pulling him close. “I don’t care about that! You tried your best. You did what you had to. To save me. The others. Even if… Even if it cost my brother his life! You saved us!

“Stay. With me. Please, Aaron.”

He closed his eyes, tightly and took a deep breath. “I cannot. I will not.” I gave up one life to save yours. I chose to save one and not both. I could have… I should have… I needed to save both. “I… I have to go.”

Cherise pulled him closer, tugged him closer to her. She pressed herself against him, hugged him tight. “I want you to stay. I don’t care what my father thinks. What they all think and want. I want you. With me. Forever.”

Aaron placed his hand over her head, patted gently with one hand. “That I cannot do. I’m sorry, Cherise but… I have to let you go. You have to let me go.” I don’t deserve you. I never have. I never will… It’s time, I accept that. “I do not belong here. And it’s time, you and I understand and accept that.”


He pulled himself from her, left her with his cloak before he disappeared into the woods never to be seen by her or any of the villagers again.

The legend of Sir Aaron did not begin in town that would later be named Pallet but the foundations and ideals, everything, that would later change a simple Aura Guardian to the most beloved hero were finally laid out.