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C. Anomaly ([personal profile] chaos_anomaly) wrote2010-01-22 04:31 am

Fiction Excerpt(?) for Springkink fic

He stares at her before him. He should know her but he doesn't. To him, she is another one of the Hunted. Another one to be exterminated, destroyed. For the better good. He feels an ache for her, a strange ache that makes him pause and hesitant. Only for a moment, only for an eternity.

He shakes his head and growls low, his sword arm rising, ready to behead the demon, the witch.

They whisper in his mind, tell him that he must do it, do it quick, do it now. He must kill her, she is the last. Her death will be the end of the era. His world will be at peace. They whisper to him, strike her quick, strike her fast. Strike her dead before she escapes, before she disappears. Do it, do it.

Now, now, now. Kill her now.

Do not stop, do not pause; for the better of everything. For the good and safety of all.

His gunblade falls and hits a shield of energy.

The prisoner's eyes glow, masking the brown irises of her eyes, turning them yellow with defiance and betrayal. Her bonds break free, her arms fall and a hand claws at him, a blast sending him far into the wall of his Garden, of his home. His spine cracks, his ribs break from the force. He is not young and strong anymore but he does not trust anyone else to do what must be done. His SeeDs will not be able to combat her and he has experience of fighting the demons.

He shakes his head and scowls deep, a dark bestial growl leaving his throat as he charges at the Sorceress.

Death to the heratic, death to the Sorceress. They tell him he must do it. Kill her, kill her now while she is still weak, while her full power is not yet hers to have. The voices, the Guardian Forces, drive him to strike down the Sorceress. He must do it. He is the only one left. The others, if there were others, left, dead or just gone. He is alone.

This is his duty. He will achieve it. He will succeed. He sacrificed everything for it. Even the love of a woman he cannot remember, or why she left. He will fulfill the mission before him.

He will not fail.

Rinoa Heartilly, the last of the Sorceresses must be destroyed.

And it shall be at the hand of the Headmaster of all Gardens.

[[ prompt: Final Fantasy 8 – Any/All – Slightly AU, the fact that the GF’s cause ‘Amnesia’ or memory loss creating rather more disconnected/monstrous versions of the characters. – (Insert name) always looked beautiful with an enemy’s blood covering them. ]]

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