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In My Head, On Your Screen; Head Canon

I have a lot of Head Canon that I usually fall back on and these might reappear again and again in my fics though with some differences. I have a tendency to fill in plot holes with plausible ideas that either borrow from my own ideas or from things I have encountered before in other stories, books I read, movies I watch, etc.

This could be considered my wiki of sorts. This page might be disorganized right now but I'll try to make it nicer and easy to read in the near future.

Here you will find either Universal-Character or Series-Specific information.

This does not mean that all my fics are related to one another, just that I like to reuse certain things. However, if they are related I will state so and put a common tag between all the linked stories.

I hope that this page will make it easier for you all to understand my stories better and make them more enjoyable. There will be no story spoilers in this page, just a listing of constants in my writing.

Universal-Character; Squall Leonhart (D:FF, FFVIII, KH)

- DFF, FF8 and KH all have a Squall who was put in a position of Leadership and Power at a young age, 17 years. Squall would be responsible for the lives of a military faction of sorts and to an extent the civilian lives of his home town. In FF8, it would be Balamb Garden. In KH, Radient Garden's town and Traverse Town.

- Squall makes a note to remember how many people he had lost, or failed to save/protect in some manner. This could be from writing down the names and keeping a journal of them to actually doing something more extravagant.

Universal-Series; Dissidia: Final Fantasy

- Just like the stages are based on places in each Final Fantasy, there are certain "safe houses", areas of protection and safety under Cosmos's control. These ares are based on places each Hero's perception of home and safety. For example, Cloud's would be Final Heaven Bar and Tidus would be a mix between Zanarkand and Besaid Island.

- Squall is something of the Team Strategist and acts sometimes like Warrior of Light's second in command though this is not outwardly known.

- Squall wanders off to be along at random. He does not always stay with the group though he lets as least one person know he's leaving. (Stupid loner.)

Universal-Series; Final Fantasy VIII

- Squall will remain as the SeeD Commander of Balamb but is in trained by Cid to be Headmaster of either Balamb or the new Esthar Garden.

- Laguna and Squall will have a strain relationship of not knowing how exactly how to deal with each other. Talking about Raine is how they bond with each other but they will probably never be close like Laguna and Ellone.

- Seifer is not a formal SeeD but has been called upon in the past to help SeeD in missions. He's something of a mercenary or free agent. He takes part in SeeD missions as his atonement as well as not traveling to Galbadia without good reason or an escort.

- Rinoa and Squall's relationship had dwindled into a comfortable friendship between the two. They are not lovers but very close friends. Squall remains Rinoa's knight, though that bond is becoming strained due to not having a romantic relationship.

- Quistis is reinstated as an Instructor but mostly serves as liaison with the Galbadia Garden along with Xu.

- Selphie and Irvine are together and spend some of their time between Trabia and Balamb and Galbadia Gardens.

- Zell is the Estharian liaison, due to his interest in learning more of Esthar's technology and engineering.

- Squall has a small love of cars, such as the Tempest models. He enjoys racing in his free time but usually does it under a fake name and under disguise. No one knows of this.

Universal-Series; Kingdom Hearts

- Leon's father is Laguna Loire, a veteran of Radiant Garden's normal military sect and ambassador of Radiant Garden. He is killed when RG is overwhelmed by Heartless.

- Leon's first love is a woman not named (most likely Rinoa Heartilly but due to rumors she might appear in future installments, I won't name her here) who Leon proposed to and subsequently lost in the Heartless attack.

- Leon was in charge of a special military faction of RG's government called SeeD. He was ordained as Commander of his own squadron at the young age of 17 due to high marks and great skill in missions. He becomes one of Ansem's trusted staff. However, during the multiple attacks of Heartless on RG, Leon rises through the ranks once again until he gains complete control of SeeD.

- Potential members of Leon's SeeD squad are Zell Dincht, Quistis Trepe and Irvine Kinneas. However, each of them had died during the Heartless attacks with one of them giving their life to save Leon's.